Seven Significant Benefits of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing consists of all marketing activities that use the internet or online network. It includes social media networks, search engines, email, and many other websites that help them to connect with their current consumers as well as potential consumers.

Digital marketing helps in earning more customers and prospective customers in a short span of time, and this, in a way, helps in increasing the brand value and brand reputation of the business organization.

Comparing to the last few decades, the idea of selling and buying products has changed a lot. Recent reports by Forbes say that 82% of the consumers conduct their research online to know about the service or product before availing it.

A report from Tech Crunch shows that 79% of people shop online. This is the reason nowadays, most business organizations try to concentrate more on digital marketing than the traditional one.

With the increasing demand for digital marketing, there is a rise in demand for soft skills based on digital marketing too. Hence, the job market is focusing on skills related to digital marketing. This is the reason there are several benefits that digital marketing professionals can expect from their job.

  1. Become an In-demand professional:

The number of jobs based on digital marketing skills is growing day by day. By 2020, two million new digital jobs are expected in the United Kingdom alone, and not enough professionals are there to fill them. This shows that digital marketing based jobs are a career which has demand that exceeds supply.

In this global recession, many graduates are facing hardship to get a job that will give them job satisfaction as well as provide them with job security. Digital marketing based career options can give them a unique opportunity and advantage in their careers. They can gear up their skills and can confidently work as professionals.


  1. Benefits from more career choice:

The twenty-first-century era is the era of digitization. As digitization continues to take over industries and companies across the world, most companies, including start-ups, are looking for marketing professionals having the soft skill and relevant experience as well.

Because of this increasing demand, digital marketing professionals can get the opportunity to pick the company and type of business they want to work with. They can choose based on their skills and experience.

Organizations like Google, Airbnb are always on a search for new talents who have skills, particularly in the field of technologies, as AI becomes more mainstream.

  1. Get paid more than others:?

A recent survey by The Creative Group highlights a significant increase in marketing professionals. The demand for digital marketing professionals cannot meet the supply of it. Hence as per the law of Economics, the value of digital marketing professionals is increasing. This gives digital marketing professionals the chance to negotiate their salary accordingly.


  1. Kick start your career quickly:

Career options like advertising would require time to flourish. For these careers, you need to finish an internship, gather a certain period of experience, and then create your own portfolio. In the digital marketing profession, you can even get a kick start from the very beginning of your career. To increase your potential as an employee, you need to showcase your talent and abilities in social media.

Build a robust social media presence you need to have a certain number of followers on twitter. You can also start your own blog or can conduct a relevant conversation online. For example, Dublin based fashion illustrator Holly Shortall was approached by top fashion brands after she posted her illustrations of celebrities online.

  1. Become a versatile professional:

The high demand for digital marketing skills allows you to be a versatile professional. You can gather experience of working in a particular sector, and you can still continue to learn new ones. You can also apply this knowledge to other industries as well. This implies that this career opportunity provides you with plenty of choices, along with the chance to polish new skills.

  1. Work with different people every day:

A digital marketing job offers you to deal with a different set of people every day. This career has different sectors, and hence there is a chance to meet new clients every now and then. Even if you choose to work as a freelancer and stay behind the scenes, still you have the change to view a new dimension and perspective of your work.


  1. Get a chance to be creative:

This job undoubtedly gives you the scope to be creative—whether it is writing, designing, or video making. This career provides you with ample range to be dynamic and innovative in your day-to-day work. The skill of digital marketing involves creativity as a part of it.

According to marketing hiring trends, the demand for digital marketing professionals is growing so fast that there is a widening digital skill gap. There are about 44% of companies who want more marketers.

As digitization is increasing at a galloping pace, more companies are seeking out employees to join them to fill the digital skill gap. Therefore, if you want an engaging career, where you will get the change to be creative and at the same time, earn a competitive salary, then a career in Digital marketing can be best for you.