Top 10 benefits of Digital Marketing & Why Digital Marketing is a must for every Small Business?

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The twenty-first century is all about digitization and the internet. Most people spent a lot of their time online. Statistically, it is said that people who are well aware of the internet use websites or blogs to do the necessary research about the products or services they want to avail.

Therefore, most business organizations use the internet to capture their attention. The number of people connected to the internet is going up day by day. Consequently, the current market scenario has a lot to do with the e-commerce sites and online market for selling and buying of products.

Recent reports by Forbes say that 82% of the consumers conduct their research online to know about the service or product before availing it. A report from Tech Crunch shows that 79% of people shop online. Therefore most business organizations prefer digital marketing, and digital marketing is more affordable compared to traditional marketing. There are certainly other benefits of digital marketing.

1. Get to know about customers’ choice:

Digital marketing helps a company to recognize the opportunity and preferences of the customers. The company can use their blog to stay connected to their customers and potential consumers.


The company can use its blog to inform their customer about the new campaign, product launch and can discuss their products or services with the consumers. The company can answer the questions asked by the readers of the blog posts and can take note of the choices and preferences of the customers.



2.A most powerful way of marketing:

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing, which involves print ads, telephone communication, and physical marketing. It depends mostly on the usage of electronic devices, smartphone, and desktops as email and social media marketing, along with online marketing, play a crucial role here.


Digital marketing has the potential to reach a large number of people within a short period because many people spend most hours of their days online and on social media.


There are specific examples, which show how powerful digital marketing can be. E-commerce candle company, Nidhi increased its sales by 714% within around 3 months using social media. If perfect strategies are followed, then digital marketing can definitely prove its worth.



3.Digital Marketing is Budget-friendly:

Digital marketing is a better option than traditional marketing when it comes to small business organizations. In the case of conventional marketing, it is often difficult for a small business organization to compete for ad space.


However, with digital marketing, a small business organization can choose to spend only a tiny part of their budget on marketing. They can use the rest for the growth of the business.


For example, a small business can be exposed to more than 1000 people for less than $3, using social media. Compared to this, traditional marketing options, like television advertisements, cost around $28.


4.Digital marketing helps to achieve the result within a short time:

While traditional marketing strategies often take significant time to reach to the target audience, Digital marketing can do it within a short time span. SEO, content marketing using social media, and search engine work fast, and digital marketing options like pay-per-click and display advertisement can produce a quick result.


5. Digital marketing finds the target Buyer:

Pay-per-click and display advertisements help the company to reach the audience who are most likely to be interested in the product of the company. SEO allows the company to achieve the ideal consumers. A consumer who is looking for appropriate web content can reach the website of the company if the content marketer can choose SEO with expertise.


6. Most Buyers are Online:

Statistically, for 93% of people, the online experience starts with search engines. Most consumers have the tendency to use search engines to look up the product before buying it. A recent study shows, 59%of the consumers search online before getting in touch with a business.


Therefore digital marketing helps the business organization to reach its potential customers.


7. Connects to Customers from all over the world:

Traditional marketing options are limited to a particular time and space. A print ad is limited to a specific area, and television ads are mainly purchased based on time. Digital Marketing finds customers from different parts of the world who will be ideal for a company.


8. SEO words to reach more buyers online:

SEO words are essential for content marketing. The content marketer must be aware of the market scenario so that he can choose SEO words carefully. SEO words can help the content rank higher in the search engines, which directs a lot of traffic to the website of the business organization.

9. Digital marketer for mobile customers:

Digital marketing allows the business organization to stay connected to the consumers who are browsing content on their mobile devices. Half of the online users are accessing the internet through mobile devices. Digital marketing helps the business organization to reach the customers who are willing to contact theirs over the phone.



10. Help in adapting a proper business strategy:

Digital marketing helps the business organization with the opportunity to know about the customers’ choices and preferences. Hence, the business organization can select their business strategies based on that and can stay connected with the customers.


Digital marketing is beneficial for small businesses because it allows the organization to put lesser effort and investment in marketing and get a more significant result in exchange. Digital marketing helps to improve the brand reputation of the organization within a short period.